Chettinad-Sarvalokaa Education is an international school set in a 10-acre campus with state-of-the-art facilities situated within the lush green 108-acre Chettinad Health City in Chennai, Tamilnadu. The school offers day boarding, week boarding and residential facilities.

To prepare children for the new millennium, we aim to develop individuals who are creative, collaborative, adaptable and resilient. Our humanistic approach empowers students to discover the joy of learning, embrace challenge and use earth’s resources mindfully.

The school is affiliated to Cambridge Assessment International Education. Our eclectic program brings the best of curricular approaches to provide holistic teaching-learning experiences. Children learn through a journey of creativity, imagination and self-discovery, and develop as free human beings who bring purpose and direction to their lives.


Our logo consists of three layers that embody our vision

The first represents the golden rays of the
Sun – the Source of all energy and life

The second represents the green circle of
the Earth – the planet we all share

The third central layer is the geometrical symbol known as a yantra –
derived from the word ‘yam’ meaning sustain or support – that represents sustainability and prosperity

When brought together, these layers bring to life our vision of knowledge,
abundance and sustainability to the individual, school, community, environment and planet.


Chettinad – Sarvalokaa Education is governed by the Rajah Muthiah Chettiar Charitable and Educational Trust of the Chettinad Group.

The Trust has over 60 years of experience managing a wide range of educational institutions successfully in Tamil Nadu. The Trust is currently responsible for over 12,000 students in 12 schools (both private and government-aided) and colleges for Engineering, Medicine and Dentistry.

M.A.M.R Muthiah
Managing Trustee

Shri. M.A.M.R Muthiah is the Chairman & Managing Director of Chettinad Group and has spearheaded the growth and expansion of Chettinad Group, taking the glorious legacy to greater heights of excellence.

Chettinad-Sarvalokaa Education is an international school built with the vision of offering a progressive teaching learning environment for children. The current challenges we face in the ever changing global, economic, technological, social and political contexts require a different set of skills, habits of work and attitudes. Our vision is to provide a holistic, value based education and to prepare individuals who are empowered to lead and to serve. I am proud and delighted to welcome you to join us on this unique journey.

Geetha Muthiah
Director and Trustee

Smt. Geetha Muthiah, wife of Shri M.A.M.R Muthiah plays an active role in the management of schools, colleges and service organisations of the Chettinad Group.

To prepare children for the new millennium, we offer a transformational education that develops individuals who are creative, collaborative, adaptable, and resilient. Our humanistic approach empowers students to discover the joy of learning, embrace challenge, and believe in using earth’s resources mindfully.


We seek to build compassionate and responsible global citizens who contribute to a peaceful and sustainable future. With awareness that we are interconnected, we aim to shift the focus from “I” the individual, to “we” the peers, to “us” the community and ultimately to “ours” the world we share.