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Sarvalokaa is a journey to experience. We are offering a privileged fee to parents who trust us in this journey during our founding years. The fee structure will be applicable till your child completes the 10th grade.

Enquire with us to know more about the founding parent fee.






Please fill the 'admission enquiry form' on this page. Within a week's time, the parent / guardian will receive an initial inquiry phone call or email from the admission-in-charge. 

Accordingly, a campus tour will be arranged. Academic queries will be answered by the co-ordinator.

For Kindergarten (KG) to Grade 1 the teacher will have an interactive session with the child.

For admissions into Grades 2 to 7, the child will be a part of classroom activities for the day as a part of 'class immersion'. On the same day the child is administered diagnostic tests in literacy and numeracy for Grades 2 to 6. For Grade 7, these tests are taken in literacy, numeracy and science.

Parents and the child will then be called for an interactive session with the Principal / Director.

Request a School Tour:  Sarvalokaa is surrounded by natural spaces which offer ample opportunities for learning- Herbal garden, mango orchard, ecological farm, children’s farm, indoor stadium, swimming pool etc. in addition to the resource rich classrooms.


Request for a school tour for an first-hand understanding of the learning experience for your child. Click here to book a school tours.





Please write to for any queries.

You can also reach us at +91 73 5872 1784 or +91 44 4742 9900.

If you are asked to fill the detailed online application form by the school authorities, kindly fill the form from the link below. 

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