halloween - wear your fear

31 October 2019

Halloween celebrations at Chettinad - Sarvalokaa Education, International School saw parents and children enthusiastically dressed in costumes resembling the animal or thing that they are fearful of. An array of exciting activities for the participants ranging from Story-telling to Monster-freeze activity kept the day fun-filled. The celebrations came to a close with reflections on the fears of the participants and how they are working on overcoming them.

walkathon - from inner peace to Global peace!

21 September 2019

Chettinad - Sarvalokaa Education, International School embarked on a new initiative towards creating awareness on the importance of Global Peace. 21st of September 2019, being the United Nations International Day of Peace was the ideal day chosen to launch this event. The distinctive factor about this event was in laying emphasis on understanding inner peace within an individual and then transforming that learning towards global peace.The event was initiated by an inaugural briefing followed by the walk, which traversed through four reflections checkpoints. At these checkpoints, the participants were given reflection handouts to be pondered over during the course of the walk. They then wrote their views of peace on a ‘Peace Wall’ within the school campus. This was followed by interactive sessions giving opportunity to speak on the understanding of what inner peace meant to them. The event was able to ignite the awareness factor about the significance of inner peace creating a ripple effect that ultimately leads to global peace.




20 July 2019

Conscious Parenting Workshop at Chettinad - Sarvlaokaa Education held on 20th July 2019 culminated with an impressive response from all the parents who attended it. It was facilitated by Ms. Fathima Khader, mentor, parent coach and co-founder of eVolved, Bangalore. The topics covered included raising a calm parent to raise a calm child and using mindful pauses to re-focus and re-engage.



29 June 2019

A Storytelling event was organized at the school and was facilitated by Ms. Janaki Sabesh. The event saw enriching stories, fun and frolic, singing and dancing and thus received an overwhelming response from all the participants.



6 April 2019

Our parenting style is largely influenced by our own childhood. ‘Cords of Life’ was an experiential workshop at Chettinad - Sarvalokaa Education to heal the inner child and parent helping parents heal so that they could have better relationships with their children. This workshop was led by Ms. Pankhuri Agarwal, a London-based Psychologist, Author, Therapist and Speaker with over 14 years of experience in her field.

art fiesta &


16 March, 9 February 2019

Courtyard – an Art Fiesta was an opportunity for parents and children to Bond-over-Art and experience learning together beyond limits. The event was facilitated by Dr. Kaustav Sengupta, Associate Professor at National Institute of Fashion Technology, Chennai and Ms. Shaswati Sengupta, InkLink Trust, Chennai. Chettinad-Sarvalokaa Education in association with the InkLink Trust created an opportunity for parents to delve into the rapture of art - Griffoner or Doodling with their child.



1,2 February 2019

The event was a platform for students to showcase their solutions to real civic and environmental issues and promote sustainable solutions for a better world. It saw participation from around 90 students from 10 schools in Chennai and 1 school from Erode. During the 2-day event, students were mentored by facilitators from Reap Benefit Foundation and introduced to techniques like Rapid Prototyping, Trigger Mapping, Electronics and Coding. At the end of the Hackathon, students came up with innovative working prototypes that would be incubated further for large scale implementation. A splendid exhibition was organized for the parents and neighbouring community on the second day that displayed all the prototypes the students created. 


23 January 2019

Pongal, the harvest festival of Tamil Nadu was celebrated with fervour and joy at Chettinad - Sarvalokaa Education. Attended and enjoyed by all the parents, staff and students of the school, Pongal festivities brought back fond childhood memories to many who were part of it at the school. Nadaswaram and madu added traditional touch to the celebration. 


24 March 2018

Our managing trustee, Mr. M.A.M.R Muthiah is a strong proponent of the fact that “A sound body results in a sound mind and a sound mind leads to a firm resolve that changes your destiny.” A ‘Fitness Picnic’ for the entire family is always a welcome treat both in terms of recreation as well as for good health. Hence, ‘Fitnic’ – Family Picnic was organized at Chettinad-Sarvalokaa Education to promote fitness, well being and togetherness for families. Events like Kidathon, 5K Run and fun events for children were organized.

26 November 2017

Under the aegis of our managing trustee, Mr. M.A.M.R Muthiah, Chettinad- Sarvalokaa Education always seeks to promote trans disciplinary learning for students. On the same lines, the Chettinad-Sarvalokaa Performing Arts Festival was organized in association with The Hindu. It captured the vision of Sarvalokaa – truly holistic and hands-on education, Arts playing a key role in it. The festival saw workshops on Percussion Jam by Jus Drums Murali, theatre by Crea-Shakthi Theatre Institution, yoga and dance by The School of Dance, Chennai , Golpo Storytelling by Ms. Janaki Sabeesh, splendid performances by Folk artists, and A Cappella by KM Consevatory . This art festival was an ensemble’ of modern and traditional art forms under a single banner – a true visual delight.

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