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Best School for sports in Chennai



Chettinad - Sarvalokaa Education is an International school set in a 10-acre campus with state-of-the-art facilities situated within the lush green 108-acre Chettinad Health City in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. The magnificent school building is an architectural delight in itself. The spacious corridors and hallways provide enough room for children to walk and move around freely.

School with best facilities in Chennai

track field

We are home to world class sporting facilities which include an Olympic class track and an international standard football field.

School with best indoor sports stadium in Chennai


In order to provide holistic development to children, theatre classes are arranged for the students by Theatre Nisha – a known name in their domain in Chennai. The emphasis is on developing skills like confidence, public speaking, presentation skills, improved body language and voice modulation among children.

School with best infrastructure in Chennai



The school has a beautiful Organic Garden that is cared for and maintained by the children themselves. Greens like fenugreek, tomatoes etc. are grown with utmost care by the children under the supervision of their teachers.

Best School for sports in Chennai


Our choreographer and trainer ensures children use movements imaginatively and respond to music with physical balance and coordination. They are also encouraged to choreograph dance on their own for short musical pieces.



Our library houses a variety of reading material and resources that comprise of books in the digital and print format, fiction and non-fiction books and material for pleasure reading and class room reading - all of this in a comfortable and warm ambiance.

Best School for sports in Chennai



The swimming area has a hygienic and well-maintained swimming pool with a trained coach.

School with best indoor sports stadium in Chennai


The boarding facilities at Sarvalokaa make for a homely and comfortable stay for the child. A safe haven  for the child that is a home away from home.

School with best infrastructure in Chennai



The school has well-maintained indoor courts for basketball and badminton where they are regularly trained by a qualified Physical educator.

School with best facilities in Chennai


A state-of-the-art music room comprising of musical instruments like percussion drums, guitar, keyboard, flute etc. is a key attraction at Sarvalokaa. Our music teacher and his team prepares children for in-house programmes and trains them in instruments as well.

School with best indoor sports stadium in Chennai


Art forms an integral part of the curriculum at Sarvalokaa. Children are introduced to various forms of art like preparing art pieces using mix-media, creating pieces from waste materials etc.

Best School for sports in Chennai



With plants around, one feels at ease because they reduce stress and provide a feeling of well-being. Also, the air quality of the environment improves. These and many more benefits are what we get having greenery around. The Chettinad-Sarvalokaa campus provides the same serenity with a lush green cover with a variety of trees, plants and shrubs

School with best facilities in Chennai


The campus houses a large convention centre with a seating capacity of 1200 equipped with latest audio and visual technology.

School with best infrastructure in Chennai

composite lab

We also have an equipped composite lab at Sarvalokaa that provides for scientific projects and extended learning opportunities for students.

School with best facilities in Chennai



Chettinad - Sarvalokaa Education maintains health and wellbeing records for all its students. The school is located within the Chettinad Health City campus, which houses two full-fledged hospitals in addition to medical and dental colleges. School is also supported by the two hospitals for all medical emergencies.

School with best indoor sports stadium in Chennai



At Chettinad Sarvalokaa Education, we promote the importance of eating a balanced and nutritious diet and developing healthy eating habits. Parents are requested to avoid sending their children to school with chips, candy, and highly sugared and carbonated beverages as lunch or snacks.

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