Sarvalokaa Nursery Updates


We came across Chettinad Sarvalokaa Education School during our intense search for an established IGCSE school for our daughter in Grade 1.

The entrance of the school building is very imposing, and layout is beautiful and breath taking.

During our first visit to the Institution, we were met by the school staff and management personnel. Access to the management was a pre-requisite for us.

The Teachers and the Curriculum Head gave us an in-depth explanation of the functioning of the school and its procedures which is hands-on learning and activity based infused with art, drama and music.

We were very impressed with the entire staff and their wonderful attitude towards children and parents.

We were given a grand tour of the world class facilities at the school which includes a professional running track, vast shaded play area, swimming pool, badminton and tennis courts. The class rooms are very spacious with high ceiling, large windows, well ventilated, centrally air conditioned and has its own individual washrooms. The library is well planned and stocked with a variety of books.

The open spaces surrounded by trees and plants makes it very aesthetic and pleasant for children.

The safety standards of the school meet our expectations as parents. We are extremely happy and proud to have our daughter enrolled here.

-This article was mailed to us by Minali Prem, a parent.