Very Supportive and Safe Environment


CSE offers a very supportive and safe environment to the students. Having had her initial schooling in UK for the past five years, we were very skeptical about the curriculum and learning methodologies around here in Chennai. Among the handful of IB-PYP schools in Chennai, CSE stands out for the well-maintained campus and friendly staffs (right from the security to the teaching staff). They take great care of every child from greeting at the entrance in the morning to handing them to their parents at pick up time. The teachers are dedicated, young, vibrant and energetic. They exhibit great understanding and encourage and support them to achieve their full potential both academically and socially. On the very first day, seeing my child shy away, her teacher offered to be her friend, which instantly put her in a very comfortable zone. Teachers, don’t just do their jobs, they build a very amicable relationship between the children and themselves.  The activities are well planned that cater to the topics with excellent interdisciplinary links.  Unlike traditional learning by blindly memorizing and copying from the blackboard, the children here are given hands on experience by involving in creative activities.  They are stimulated to think, research and collate their ideas with their peers and come to consensus on a subject of discussion.  This enables the children think individually alongside playing a strong role as a team member. Field trips are arranged for them to have a feel of how things they learn in the classrooms are being applied in real life scenarios.  My child was filled with awe after her visit to an organic farm of her very own teacher.  She is now looking forward to start one of her own. Very often, parents are invited to join in the field trips and in one such occasion, I realised how genuine and heartwarming their care for the children are.  Overall, it’s a home away from home for my child.

Kind regards

T Muhil Bala