Student Life

Enriching Students’ Experience Beyond Classroom Learning


Our After-School Programme aims to provide opportunities for students to participate and excel in team sports and other activities outside of the classroom.


There is no strict uniform at CSE but students are expected to dress and be groomed in such a way as to not distract or cause disruption in the educational programme or orderly operation of the school.


The language of instruction at CSE is English, but many, in fact most, of our students are not native English speakers. For some students their mother tongue is neither English nor French and many speak one or more languages at home.


Students at Chettinad Sarvalokaa Education engage and participate in learning beyond the classroom that will help them learn new skills, cultivate their passions and pursue their dreams. Students and their families will have the opportunity to experience activities that include fine and performing arts, athletics, student clubs, school publications, service learning projects and other outreach and leadership opportunities. We believe that student’s educating must include a focus on sustainable development, and sensitivity to all life forms around us, use of natural resources and sensible use of non-renewable sources of energy. The school’s vast campus and the surrounding Health City provides students with the perfect opportunity to combine academic learning with extracurricular activities in their study of the complex world around them and how they can positively influence it. Experienced educators with expertise in sustainable development support the development of the school’s curricular and extracurricular activities.

Fostering Healthy Eating Habits for Life

At Chettinad Sarvalokaa Education, we promote the importance of eating a balanced and nutritious diet and developing healthy eating habits.We provide a lunch service that offers a variety of options for hot, nutritious and well-balanced meals that meet each student’s required energy and nutrients. The service is optional.

Parents are requested to avoid sending their children to school with chips, candy, and highly sugared and carbonated beverages as lunch or snacks.

Medical Support

Chettinad-Sarvalokaa Education maintains health and wellbeing records for all its students for all its learners. The school is located within the Chettinad Health City campus, which houses two full-fledged hospitals in addition to medical and dental colleges. School is also supported by the two hospitals for all medical emergencies.


Chettinad Sarvalokaa Education provides after-school activities for all students. In a safe and nurturing environment, our After-School Programmes offer a variety of activities and options that suit each student’s needs.


The elementary After-School Programme is designed to allow students to have time to play while exploring new challenges. It offers students a range of new experiential learning opportunities to choose from ranging from arts and crafts, drama and music, team and individual sports, book club and creative writing, yoga and meditation, and public speaking and debating.

Activities take into consideration the multiple intelligences of children, their interests, abilities and learning needs, as well as the individual student’s choices preferences. The majority of activities will be run on campus by school staff, although some specialized activities could be facilitated by trusted external organizations. Activities offered are meant to be enjoyable, challenging as well as interesting to students.

Our Middle and High School Activities and Athletics Programme aims to provide opportunities for students to participate and excel in team sports and other activities outside of the classroom.

These activities play an important role in the development of key life-skills that occurs during their transition into the teenage years.

The Activities and Athletics Programme offers students a wide range of activities including: athletics, football, badminton, tennis, basketball, Environment Clubs, yoga, Community outreach and service clubs, Model United Nations, Global Initiatives Network, choir, band, externships with local companies, drama, chess, and design and innovation ‘maker’ clubs. A detailed description and timings of activities and fees, where applicable, will be communicated to students and parents at the start of each term.


Sarvalokaa Sports Academy offers the opportunity for all to enjoy our state-of-the-art sports facilities set in a stunning 10-acre campus away from the crowds and pollution of the city.

Our classes inspire children to improve their health and fitness, nurture their talent and potential, whilst developing their leadership and teamwork skills. We do this by providing high-quality coaching at world-class facilities in a secure environment for children aged 6-16 years, as well as offering adults the chance to join in with special family events, including a Children’s Day Fun Run on 19th November.

Check out what’s on offer below and register for classes by emailing

Saturday, 6.30am & 4pm; Sunday, 6.30am & 4pm; Tuesday/Thursday, 4pm

Choose 16 two-hour classes from 24 available each month

Rs 2,500 per month (includes 2 uniforms per child)

Saturday, 4pm & 5pm; Sunday, 4pm & 5pm

Choose 8 one-hour classes from 16 available each month

Rs 1,000 per month (per child)

Saturday, 6.30am & 4pm; Sunday, 6.30am & 4pm; Monday/Wednesday, 4pm

Choose 16 two-hour classes from 18 available each month

Rs 2,000 per month (includes 2 uniforms per child)

Saturday, 8am & 9am; Sunday, 8am & 9am

Choose 8 one-hour classes from 16 available each month

Rs 1,500 per month (per child)

Yoga Classes
Delivered by

Friday, 4pm & 5pm

Choose 8 one-hour classes from 16 available each month

Rs 1,500 per month (per child)