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Mrs. Geetha Muthiah





"Sarvalokaa is a movement that aims to shift the focus from ‘I’ the individual to ‘we’ the peers, to ‘us’ the community, and ultimately to ‘ours’, the world we share. The vision of the school is 'to build compassionate and responsible global citizens who contribute to a peaceful and sustainable future'. When we were pondering over a name for the school, we wanted something that truly reflected the vision and also communicated the togetherness of everything that exists. We felt that the name ‘Sarvalokaa’ was the most suitable.


‘Sarvalokaa’ is a Sanskrit term that translates to “all the worlds”. All worlds, planets, galaxies, dimensions, spaces and everything - living and non-living that exists within them and beyond - ALL in their togetherness are referred to as Sarvalokaa. At Sarvalokaa we believe learning should be a joyful discovery for every student. Our transformational education empowers students to become successful individuals, who are responsive to the needs, challenges and opportunities of the 21st century. 


We are laying the foundations for a new generation that is prepared to continuously learn, unlearn and relearn, prepared to challenge not only pre-existing notions but question their own training so as to re-invent themselves constantly and become creative, adaptable and resilient leaders and collaborators.


Our experiential trans-disciplinary learning approach engages children in purposeful real-life projects which help them gain awareness about themselves and their place in the world, and sensitize them to use earth’s resources mindfully and create and live in a world that is nature-friendly, peaceful and sustainable.


We know individuals cannot directly change the entire world alone. It is the inter-connectedness of the gear wheel and the machine that makes them work together as one. It takes a little wheel to exert force that makes a large machine move. Innovation that begins in one country soon spreads across the world and benefits all. Similarly, positive intentions and actions also have the power to spread and influence others. Our children will understand that their actions  create ripples of change. Thinking globally, and acting locally will leave an impact in society, eventually changing the world. 


The seed of what you see today was sown by Mr. M. A. M. R Muthiah, my husband. It was his dream to establish a world class international school that prepares a diverse student body to lead and serve. With our team’s experience and expertise, we hope to make our vision a reality. Thank you very much!"

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