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The air conditioned classrooms are spacious and well-lit. The flexible seating arrangement supports collaborative learning and empowers students to contribute through cooperation and teamwork. The resource-rich environment supports teachers in creating immersive learning experiences.


language labs

The Language lab helps students learn Indian and foreign languages as well as their cultures and contexts. Labs aid in the formation of connections and provide a holistic approach to language learning.


art studio

The Art & Design lab gives children a platform to express themselves, sparking imagination and creativity. The lab is rich with a variety of resources to explore different mediums and express freely while developing their artistic skills.


day boarding and week boarding

The Chettinad Sarvalokaa Student’s Residency is a safe space for children, providing a nurturing environment in the form of sustainable routines, mindful habits and enriching experiences that aims to develop children who are independent and life-ready. 

Our 4 main pillars of strength 

  • Culture and connection

  • Sustainable routines      

  • Safe and hygienic environment

  • Independence and life skill development


Located inside the lush green campus, the student's residency helps children to remain connected with nature.


science labs 

The domain specific science laboratories - Physics, Chemistry, Biology and a composite lab for the junior grades facilitate learning through inquiry, exploration and discovery. Children learn to investigate, experiment and draw conclusions.

The Computer Science Lab with well-equipped facilities offer students a space for technology-based learning, projects and research. It provides a place for them to connect, create, explore and develop digital literacy.



The state-of-the-art sports facilities comprise of an athletic track, an indoor stadium, football and basketball fields and a swimming pool. The extensive sports facilities are complemented by a well-researched physical literacy curriculum, aimed at instilling fitness as a habit and a way of life.


music studio

The Music Studio, designed with acoustic properties, is resource rich with a variety of instruments. Children explore and learn different styles and genres of classical and western music.



The campus houses a 1200 seat- Convention Centre, equipped with the latest audio and visual technology providing ample opportunities for performances.



The libraries are equipped with a variety of age-appropriate books ranging across genres and disciplines. The reading areas are cozy and comfortable for children to have a calm reading time. Both the junior and senior Libraries are active spaces with interesting activities like storytelling, group reading, book writing and book discussions.


forest & farm education - learning beyond classrooms

The natural spaces - the forest, orchards, our integrated farm, herbal and organic gardens - provide ample opportunities for children to connect, learn and integrate with subjects like maths, science and languages. Children experience the natural rhythms of life and understand their relationship with all living things as they grow. They also learn to respect and use earth’s resources mindfully.

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dance & theatre studio

Being a waldorf-inspired school we lay great emphasis on Dance as a language of movement and expression. The spacious dance studio facilitates free movement, agility and organized motion. Children learn both classical and Western dance forms.


Theatre fosters creativity and expression while children develop self-confidence, overcome fear and inhibitions and become effective communicators.

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The school is located within the Chettinad Health City campus and supported by the hospital for medical emergencies.


culinary lab 

Cooking is an essential life skill, and the culinary lab provides opportunities to explore different cuisines. Children find creative ways to use the harvest from the school’s organic garden. It is also a space for language learning and science.

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