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Hindi ke Rang!
15 September 2023

Our learners celebrated "Hindi Diwas" through singing songs, performing plays scripted by them, discussions about the usage of the language and playing traditional games, completely immersed into experiencing a day full of language learning! 

melting pot

15 April 2023

Sarvalokaa's annual cultural event, "The Melting Pot" was celebrated on Saturday, 15th April. This year's Melting Pot focussed on "Sustainability" and children researched on sustainable practices of countries like India, Morocco, Japan, Sweden, Malaysia and France. The celebration involved creatively planned activities around food, music, dance, and art representing different countries and their cultural heritage. The event captured our learners, educators and parents enthusiastically participating in the exhibition where learners displayed their “Wall of Research” on sustainable practices in the form of food, medicine, utensils, reduce, reuse, recycle, eco-tourism, toxic free body care products and sustainable art forms using natural resources.

The Melting pot acts as a platform for learners to enhance their understanding of different cultures across the world and develops a sense of appreciation and connection. It promotes cultural awareness, understanding, and respect among learners of different backgrounds and helps them to embrace and celebrate diversity. The melting pot is curated for our learners to develop essential skills like research, collaboration, financial literacy, planning, reflection, and become the creators, discoverers, inquirers and explorers in their learning process.



23 January 2023

Sarvalokaa celebrates regional colors!

Pongal celebrations at Sarvalokaa begins with the first seeds sown in the school’s farm. Children are a part of the celebration from the very beginning where they actively participate in sowing, planting, harvesting, threshing and pounding of the paddy. 
As a part of their green education program, children also learn about the seed cycle through this process. 


To understand the significance of Nature, the teachers held a session on demonstration of the movement of the sun and the science behind the many traditions that one takes part in during this time as a part of Pongal, Bihu, Lohri, Makar Sankranti etc. This gave our children an opportunity to relate the concepts that they learn in the class with the rituals that our ancestors created for us. For instance, kite flying during Makar Sankranti takes place so that our body is in direct contact with the sun’s rays which act as a natural healer for skin irritations, illness during the long winters hence an immunity builder for us. 


On the 23rd of January, Sarvalokaa brimmed with a different energy, colors of joy and the sound of happiness. The whole school community took part in singing the local folk songs, doing the “Kummi” dance, taking part in the Gau pooja and finally prayed to the sun god for prosperity and new beginnings. 


Children were excited to see the Nadaswaram play, and as the pongal rice boiled over, they rejoiced, “Pongalo pongal”.

The celebration concluded with designing Kolam with the families and serving of the prasadam. 

christmas carnival
17 December 2022

Every year children wait to celebrate Christmas in its truest essence at Sarvalokaa. Children, teachers and parents take part in the carnival in their own ways to share, care and show love for a cause. This year we chose the Madras crocodile bank to support an endangered species. Children enthusiastically engaged in creating cards, wreaths, baskets and many more such items as a part of the Sarvalokaa shop for sale and raising funds for the cause. 


Teachers helped children understand the core essence of Christmas through thoughtfully planned sessions. Children got to know about the life and deeds of Jesus, the activities that focus on “giving and sharing” with the school’s wider community. 


The bake sale is another exciting part of the Christmas carnival where many Christmas delights were on sale, parents too put-up stalls to support the school with the cause. 


Children got involved in crafting and designing, planning and budgeting, singing and dancing as a part of the carnival. 


On the day of the Carnival, Sarvalokaa’s beautiful green spaces and the colorful decorations along with a special chosen Christmas playlist, stalls like face painting, beading, hair braiding, farm fresh vegetable stall from the Sarvalokaa farm, flash mob and food counters add to the joy of coming together as a school community.