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nature based


Learning becomes alive in Sarvalokaa through experiences! This helps in transforming theory into practice and learners gain conceptual clarity. The Experiential learning enables learners to connect to the concept and their coursework becomes meaningful.

The Nature based sustainable curriculum is an integral part at Sarvalokaa. The green education is integrated in the subjects. It ensures that the program is mapped through the sustainability compass encompassing Nature, Economy, Society and Well-being!

Nature: Learners are always awestruck with what they discover within the natural spaces around the campus.

Economy: As learners study about the seed cycle to understand and experience the effort that it takes to grow food.

Society: Sarvalokaa’s endeavour is to build a strong community of contributing members who bring a positive and progressive change in the society by spreading awareness of mindful consumption.

Wellbeing: It is the care we show for each other and ourself. Wellbeing is a major aspect of Sarvalokaa, towards its learners, community and the Earth we share.

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