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Saran kaur Best quality teachers school in Chennai

Ms. Saran Kaur

Academic Coordinator and ESL Specialist

Ms. Saran is an experienced international educator with over 7 years of teaching International curriculum including the International Baccalaureate and Cambridge, in South East Asian countries (Indonesia), teaching students from multicultural backgrounds and learning local languages – to go with her fluency in Hindi, Bengali, Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Malaysia and Punjabi. She is completing her Master’s Research Degree in International Education from the University of Bath, United Kingdom, to add to International Diplomas in Early Childhood  and Primary Education and an Honours Bachelor Degree in English Literature. She has recently completed her Post Graduate Diploma in School Leadership and Management. She has significant experience in teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) in IB Schools. She strives to make teaching and learning fun and meaningful for her students. Apart from teaching, her interests lie in art and culture, reading books on child psychology as well as vegan cooking.

Deepthi Best quality teachers school in Chennai

Ms. Deepthi Shree Volety

Kindergarten Coordinator and UKG Home-Room Teacher

Ms. Deepthi has over a decade of experience in education. A trained Cambridge International Diploma holder and she also holds a certificate in Making the PYP Happen. She is informed of the international standards for implementing incisive best-practices inside the classroom. She believes in and practices holistic and integrated education and has worked to combine and create a curriculum that has room for the exploration of dance and language. This varied experience in communication and education of different age groups has helped her in developing a plethora of focused skill-sets that she believes make it easy for her to adapt and educate early years.

Mahashweta School with best teacher student ratio in Chennai

Ms. Mahashweta

French, Literacy & Grade 6 Class Teacher

Mahashweta is a qualified and experienced language teacher who has graduated from Sri Aurobindo International Center of Education (Pondicherry). She has lived and studied in her adopted home of France where she received her Master’s Degree in Teaching French as a Foreign Language from the University of Poitiers. She has over 5 years of experience teaching French and English to students in both France and India, including at the Alliance Française of Bombay and Chennai, French Institute of Pondicherry and an international School in the city. She is a fluent speaker of French, English and Bengali, as well as having a sound understanding of German, Hindi, Tamil and Sanskrit. Mahashweta is constantly looking at innovative approaches and courses to better her skills in her teaching practices and enjoys facilitating activities and workshops in the school. She brings to the school a passion for teaching in an innovative and experiential way so that learning can be a joyful process.

Jayanthi Best quality teachers school in Chennai

Ms. Jayanthi. S


Jayanthi is a very passionate and well trained early childhood educator, her 6 years of experience has aided in investigations and work with children. She holds Masters from Coventry University (UK), is Montessori certified and trained in Waldorf learning. Her global experiences have been an advantage in incorporating best practices in the classroom. She is attuned to each child’s strengths, interests and needs. She is an inquisitive educator with a passion for active, nature and inquiry based play, exploration and learning. Jayanthi is gifted at interacting and playing with children while supporting their desire to learn and explore their environment. She has an innate sense of what each child needs in order to be their best selves.


Ms. Raghavi Gopal


Ms. Raghavi holds an M.Sc degree in Computer Science and is a professional Bharatanatyam dancer. Having had the opportunity to connect with children through dance, she developed her passion for teaching. She believes that some of the most important skills to have when working with little children is patience, flexibility and love.

khairoon School with top teachers in Chennai

Ms. Khairoon

Grade 1 Homeroom

Ms. Khairoon's interest in education was spurred by her strong desire and conviction to give quality Primary Education to her daughter. The collective experience of handling children of the Primary gave her the opportunity of teaching Cambridge Primary curriculum - Science & English under the guidance of Oyster Training Group. Heading various clubs and the school's sports team gave her an opportunity to display her leadership qualities. While undergoing training with celebrity Chef Menu Rani Chellam, she refined her baking skills. Her leisure interests include cooking, baking and travelling.With over 4 years of International teaching experience, she looks forward to contributing towards the growth of Chettinad Sarvaloka International Education.


Ms. Shivani

Grade 2 Homeroom

An enthusiastic educator with four years of teaching experience, Ms. Shivani has also worked in the IT Sector as a graphic & website designer. Her degree in Arts and Diploma in Animation has helped students create their own stop motion animation films and eye-catching posters. She has always looked to learn, explore, create and forge new paths.


Ms. Gayathri CR

Support Teacher

With 2 years of work experience in an IB school, Ms Gayathri holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and a Master’s in Business Administration. She has also completed her TEFL Certificate course and Making PYP Happen Certificate course. She is passionate about teaching and learning new languages and can speak Hindi, Tamil and Japanese fluently. As a sports enthusiast, Ms. Gayathri is a state-level Karate Gold Medalist.


Ms. Srividhya


Ms. Srividhya has a Master’s degree from the Maharishi Dayanand Saraswathi University and a Bachelor’s degree in Education. With over 20 years of experience facilitating Hindi across curriculums, she has worked with various educational institutions in North and South India. She is enthusiastic, energetic and dedicated to provide students various abilities to master skills to become responsible members of the community. She believes education helps a child to build a better quality of personal and social life.

Srividya School with top teachers in Chennai

Ms. Srividya

Mathematics & ICT

Srividya is a vibrant faculty who holds Masters in Applied Mathematics from Anna University. She is also a CIDTL (Cambridge) trained faculty who strives to kindle students to become critical thinkers and outstanding individuals. Her passion for Mathematics makes her class lively and student-centric. She strongly believes that learning is a life-long process and it has three major steps: Learn, Un-learn and Re-learn. With multiple talents like art and craft, she specializes in bringing the best out of the student.

Sona Joe Best quality teachers school in Chennai

Ms. Sona Joe

Primary Teacher

Sona is a committed and very passionate primary teacher. She holds a Master’s degree in Economics and Cambridge certification in Language learning and teaching. She has over six years’ experience in teaching primary class in IGCSE schools abroad. She has also taught Business Studies and Economics for IGCSE Year 10 and 11. She enjoys a good rapport with children and is enthusiastic about interacting, motivating
and inspiring them. She is fluent in English, Tamil, Malayalam and Hindi. She firmly believes that the foundation to teaching is the commitment and willingness to reflect and constantly renew the teaching strategies. Giving one’s best to educate the children will make them confident, responsible and reflective citizens of tomorrow.

karthiga School with best teacher-student ratio in Chennai

Ms. Karthiga Catinat

Science Teacher

Karthiga is passionate about teaching and looks for interactive and practical teaching strategies for teaching science in class. She has completed her Master's degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and Bachelor in Education. She has published papers in the journal of Pharmacy research and Toxicology mechanisms and methods in the field of Phytotherapeutics. She believes that science is more interesting when students learn its applications in real life and science is all about ‘How’ and ‘Why’, that kindles the young mind and that which inculcates the enthusiasm of learning.

Arun School with top teachers in Chennai

Mr. Arun Kumar

Art & Design

Mr Arun holds a Bachelors in Product Design from University of Pune and a Post-Graduation Diploma in Leather goods and Accessories Design from Footwear Design and Development Institute, NOIDA. He has 3 years of Experience in Design Studio, Bangalore and has worked on various Home Decor products and also worked for Bangalore International Airport design projects. He also has 4 years of experience in the field of education and has been with Art & Amp as Design - Program Coordinator. He is recognized for
supporting the integration of International Learning in the Curriculum by the British cCouncil’s UN/IN International School Award 2017 – 2020. He is passionate is about Paintings, Photography and Short Film making.

sarvaj School with best teacher student ratio in Chennai

Mr. Sarvaj Kumar

Physical Education

Mr. Sarvaj kumar holds an undergraduate degree from Solent Southampton University in Football Studies BA (Hons), FIFA Led Post graduate diploma in Sport management from Paris  Sorbonne University and further a masters degree from Cardiff Metropolitan University in Strength and Conditioning. As he specializes in football, he holds the UK's FA Level 1 and Level 2 in Football Coaching, FA Level 1 and Level 2 in Youth module award and relevant Children’s Safeguarding / first aid certifications. In terms of experience, he holds a work placement in the role of assistant manager of the under -15 football team as part of university credit in Fareham football club in United kingdom and a year of full time work in St Joseph’s English High School in Puducherry as a Physical education tutor and a Football coach. he possesses a vast knowledge of the Strength and Conditioning required to excel in various sports. He is extremely passionate about Football, Non - Fiction reading and Video games.

Nibedita School with top teachers in Chennai

Ms. Nibedita


She has a bachelor's degree in Education (Gauhati University) and a Master's in Library and Information Science (Gauhati University). Ms. Nibedita has 2 years of experience as a Librarian for all the programmes in IB (PYP, MYP and DP) at an international school in Chennai and is trained in 'Making the PYP happen' and 'Theory of Knowledge' programme.

theatre nisha Best quality teachers school in Chennai

Theatre Nisha


Theatre Nisha was founded in 2000 with the aim of producing scripts that reflect social issues, however, not in the sense of preaching a sacrosanct resolution, but as a medium of speaking the truth. Over the past 18 years, they have created a niche audience for themselves and have dealt with genres ranging from Indian mythology to ‘in-yer-face’. They believe that theatre is a way of life that lends to creativity, self-expression and exploration, and to this effect have worked with several schools, colleges and corporate organizations.

Paul Jeyahar School with top teachers in Chennai

Mr. Paul Jeyahar


Mr Paul is a professional hip-hop choreographer with 9 years of experience. He specializes in making dance fun. He has a dance academy called 'My Squad academy of Dance'. He is adept at urban hip - hop, locking and popping, house dance, krumping, dupstep, salsa, contemporary, Indian Bollywood and various other dance forms. He looks at dance as a way to enrich both performers’ and viewers’ lives. He is enthusiastic about using professional experiences, skills, and beliefs to educate new young dancers in the techniques and movements of creative dance. He has choreographed for several schools and colleges. He has received awards for several competitions - the Instinct award, Panacea award, the Priyadarshini award and several other awards all over India. He believes his duty as a dance teacher is to encourage students to learn a variety of dance styles.

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