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You & Your Child

Belief Systems

6 September 2019, 6:00 pm

How your childhood affects your child's childhood is a 45 minute talk on how belief systems are formed and how they begin shaping our reality. We in turn create or help create those belief systems in our children in how we act and react with them. The talk will also shed light on how to change personal conditioning that helps alter the conditioning of our children as well.


Insights by Ms. Pankhuri Agarwal (@pankhuri_r.healer)

Hosted by Ms. Deepika, Parent, Chettinad - Sarvalokaa Education

on the Sarvalokaa Facebook Live

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Nature & I Final

31 August 2019, 5:30 pm

We thank all participants for taking part in the Nature & I Contest. It has been an overwhelming response and we congratulate all the participants for their brilliant ideas.

The finals for the Nature & I event will be held on 31st Aug 2020 on the Sarvalokaa Facebook Live at 5.30 pm.

Halloween - Wear your Fear

31 October 2019

Halloween celebrations at Chettinad - Sarvalokaa Education, International School saw parents and children enthusiastically dressed in costumes resembling the animal or thing that they are fearful of. An array of exciting activities for the participants ranging from Story-telling to Monster-freeze activity kept the day fun-filled. The celebrations came to a close with reflections on the fears of the participants and how they are working on overcoming them.