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science labs 

Chettinad - Sarvalokaa Education has three science labs for Physics, Chemistry and Biology, well equipped for students to try hands-on experiments, research and make inferences.   The labs aid in developing scientific learning amongst students, and in cultivating deeper and profound interest in the field.


composting area    

The composting area is a place to learn about many scientific concepts. Students visit the composting area to understand and learn about vermicompost, recycling waste and learn to take mindful steps in their daily lifestyle to be self- sustainable citizens of tomorrow.


herbal garden

The herb garden is dedicated to growing all the herbs to understand the role they play in our well-being. Teachers and students conduct various activities and research around the medicinal values of the herbs and use them to create unique recipes at school

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composite lab

We also have an equipped composite lab at Sarvalokaa that provides for scientific projects and extended learning opportunities for students.


football ground

The football ground at Sarvalokaa is to provide the young trainers with the real experience of the sport. The ground is present at the centre of  the 400 meteres athletic track and undergoes the rigorous maintenence schedule. 


art room

The art room is the “maker’s space” in the school which provides students the environment to imagine and think creatively, add perspective to the different art forms and explore many mediums of art and craft. It is well equipped with different corners to many aspects of Art. The spacious, well ventilated room allows students to be in a peaceful and calm space which boosts their creativity. 


culinary lab 

Cooking is an essential life skill and the culinary lab provides an opportunity to explore appropriate to the age groups.. The cooking lab is a creative space for the students to understand the science behind cooking and try on simple recipes with the harvest from the school’s organic garden. It is a part of an immersive language learning program where students get the opportunity to cook and try various cuisines as a part of learning about different cultures, gain vocabulary, cultivate mindful cooking and eating practices. 

academic facilities


language labs

Language labs provide the opportunity to form connections with the languages at a deeper level. Students are exposed to artefacts, books, facts, communication skills, different cultural etiquettes, cultural heritage along with the language learning process. The labs provide a holistic approach to language learning. 



The forest enables learning about sustainability and plant species and age-old wisdom that the bamboo grass imparts. Students get to know about the different uses of the Bamboo grass and research further.


mango orchard

The mango orchard has many varieties of the fruit and a spread over a large area ideal for students to have their camping nights, learn about the king of fruits and harvest it during the season. 



The playground is a free playing sand area where students enjoy their breaks on the swings and monkey bars. It accommodates all age-groups and is a space for cooperative learning.

& outdoor facilities


swimming pool

The swimming area has a hygienic and well-maintained swimming pool with a trained coach.

co-curricular learning


music room

The sound-proof music room enables the learners to focus on their music lessons. Adding on to the many learning facilities of the school, the music room is an ideal space for the students to explore different instruments and genres of music with experts.

additional facilities

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Chettinad - Sarvalokaa Education maintains health and wellbeing records for all its students. The school is located within the Chettinad Health City campus, which houses two full-fledged hospitals in addition to medical and dental colleges. School is also supported by the two hospitals for all medical emergencies.



Junior and Senior Library is rich with age-appropriate books ranging across many genres and disciplines. The libraries have well designed corners to support the students with reading activities and self-initiated reading as well. The flexible seating and the peaceful environment helps students concentrate well and dive into their favourite books! 


agro farm

The school’s farm aims to provide the students the experience of organic living and respect nature for all that it does for us. The farm is home to many farm animals like sheep, goats, ducks, hens and fishes. It also has many useful plants like oil-seeds, banana to help students understand how the food we eat reaches our plates. A vital part of nature studies in Sarvalokaa, the farm is more than just an area, but a treasure of knowledge for the students of this generation. 


organic garden

The school’s organic garden is home to many indigenious plant species and herbs used in our daily cooking. Learning about gardening not only adds to the knowledge but also cultivates mindfulness. The garden has vegetable patches allocated to all the classes to take care of. Every morning, the students begin their day from the organic garden to their classes.


olympic class track

We are home to world class sporting facilities which include an Olympic class track.


indoor basketball & badminton court 

The school has well-maintained indoor courts for basketball and badminton where they are regularly trained by a qualified Physical educator.

IMG_20190626_135631 (1).jpg

theatre & dance room

A weel appointed  room with a stage and mirrors aids in the learning of performing arts - Theatre and dance.


week boarding 

The boarding facilities at Sarvalokaa make for a homely and comfortable stay for the child. It is a safe haven that is a home away from home.



The campus houses a large convention centre with a seating capacity of 1200 equipped with the latest audio and visual technology.

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