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At Sarvalokaa, celebrating Francophonie and the French culture is not reserved for a day alone, but woven into our day to day learning! 

melting pot



Students had a cultural meet and exchange with French natives to explore about French symbols, food and customs!

Did you know that people speak french outside France? 


Students learn french in an experiential way! 

They identified the different vegetables and herbs present in our school organic garden and farm! 

Here they are doing a role-play at the supermarket! 


Fragrance in the french classroom! 


Students learnt how to make a perfume in French class as they learnt about materials! Students not only learn the names of the materials but through the experiential learning even had fun creating a perfume! 


Learning a language means learning about its culture and traditions! Students are making a popular beverage in France - le chocolat chaud. Through the process, they not only gathered the vocabulary but also got a glimpse into the french lifestyle and etiquettes! Make language learning fun by cooking! 


Students are making one of the most popular dish of France - the crepes! Through this they learnt how to write recipes and revised the use of verbs! 


Students explore the different food items from France as part of Le 14 Juillet celebrations! French national day! 


How to give your opinions in French? 


Students went on a virtual tour to the Musée d’Orsay and paused at paintings that appealed to their senses and gave their appreciation and opinions in French!

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