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Preparing Your Child to be a Global Citizen

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Parents today are faced with a plethora of choices when it comes to schools and curriculums. CBSE, Cambridge International, IB, Matric…the list goes on. Each system comes with its own set of offerings and advantages. How does one determine which curriculum is best suited for his/her child?

One good way to choose a curriculum would be to understand how it will benefit the child in terms of academic learning and personality development in the long term. In today’s world, it is no longer enough if a child is good in Math, Science, Language or any other subject. Today, Intelligence Quotient (IQ) is appreciated best when complemented by Emotional Quotient (EQ). In other words, good grades have to be complemented by positive qualities such as empathy, compassion and a proactive attitude for growth and progress in all spheres of life.

Chettinad Sarvalokaa Education has chosen the Cambridge curriculum as it allows for educators to create this optimal balance of knowledge and values in a child.

The Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE), ‘O-Level’ and ‘A’ Levels curriculum is followed in several thousand schools across the globe. The credentials and accreditations from Cambridge International are acknowledged around the world – from Ivy League universities (the top-ranked universities) in the United States, and the most acclaimed universities in the United Kingdom to highly ranked Indian colleges.

A good score in Cambridge IGCSE and A Levels, is sure to open doors in some of the best educational institutions’ world over.

The most important benefit that a student gains from opting for this curriculum is the balance they get in terms of international and national studies. The Cambridge IGCSE curriculum is a flexible and vast educational space that offer students a blend of both global studies and local subject matters. Its subjects allow for equal importance in international subjects and issues as well as topics of national interest.

Within the Cambridge IGCSE syllabus, subjects such as music, visual arts and photography are given sufficient importance, alongside science, business and literary subjects. This inclusive program helps students navigate their interests and passions by the time they have finished middle school. It creates a guided and structured path for their educational and future vocational journeys. The balanced blend of the arts, humanities, science, and business syllabi helps students develop multiple aspects of their intelligence and talents.

The Cambridge IGCSE curriculum also stands out for its student-centric approach. Under this system, students are allowed to independently take on specific modules and projects, with constructive guidance from their teachers, to further enable the development of inquisitive and unique learning mechanisms. Such modules ultimately provide students with a sense of autonomy for their educational progress. Additionally, the incorporation of research-oriented subjects permits students to develop and hone their theoretical writing skills, which will deem crucial by the time they start applying to universities.

At Chettinad Sarvalokaa Education International School, informative and practical classes such as organic farming project and forest education program are also incorporated into the mainstream syllabus. This is to ensure that students receive a healthy footing of classroom academia and a hands-on learning experience. The flexibility and availability of various pedagogies and practical skills is what facilitates a student’s holistic growth.



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