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Best Practices to stay safe from COVID-19

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

We would now like to share some best practices...

  1. Stay home 100%

  2. SELF-ISOLATE (in a room), if travelled to a foreign location, or have met any international travellers in the last few days

  3. Don’t invite anybody home

  4. NO to domestic help ( No maids). Instead, divide the domestic work amongst the family members.

  5. Maintain Hygiene.

  6. Flush toilets with the lid closed to avoid spread due to aerosol

  7. Spray disinfectant (alcoholic spray) on any new item that enters your house

  8. Only one person per house to pick up groceries. Prefer a nearby store and avoid supermarkets. Go with masks, gloves and sanitisers. (Don’t send your elders)

  9. Wash hands thoroughly and avoid touching face.

  10. Eat healthy food

  11. Enjoy family time - it’s very important as it keeps everyone motivated (Ex: We played ‘Monopoly’, word building etc)

  12. Say NO to watching or sharing ‘Fake News’. It creates Panic.

  13. Avoid hospital or doctor visits except for emergencies.

A strict ‘Stay at home’ is the only way to isolate the virus and containing the spread!!!


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