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melting pot
2 April 2021, 10:30 am to 1 pm
9 April
 2021, 10:30 am to 2 pm

Chettinad - Sarvalokaa Education, International School witnessed oneness and the beauty in diversity, the research on different cultures brought in acceptance and appreciation. The journey for the Melting Pot project started with our Global Perspective classes. 

At Sarvalokaa, we wanted a cultural fest that would create an impact and become a part of the process and not just a mere annual event. A program that provides students a global perspective. 

Throughout the academic year the learners gained valuable knowledge, the knowledge helped them reflect on the practices of different cultures and of their own.

This experience made it evident that learning never stops and there is so much more to value and discover, to learn and appreciate that the world has to offer to become compassionate global citizens of tomorrow.  It shifted the focus from “I” to “we” and finally to “us”, also our school’s vision as we came together for the first part of the Melting Pot. 

Our Director and Head of School, Mrs. Trayee Sinha shared the reflective learning journey that helped Melting Pot take its form through the cultural celebrations and events at school. She spoke about how at Sarvalokaa, reflection makes us mindful towards everything we do. “Melting Pot is a reflective journey to accept and celebrate diversity among us and beyond. In the process, the children at Sarvalokaa revisited our own culture each time we explored other countries and found innumerable similarities in various practices and discovered the oneness” explained Mrs Trayee Sinha. 

The Melting Pot experience at Sarvalokaa will take different forms every year for it to reach beyond Sarvalokaa and finally strive to make it “ours' ' from “us” as our vision aspires.  

This year Sarvalokaa celebrated the community values of the continent of Africa, the way of life in Japan, the food and festivals of Turkey, the language of France and the science behind rituals in India. All the experiences found its connections through Art and design as well. 

The first step towards this was taken when Melting pot was registered under the French Francophonie interactive map and Mr. Eric Perrotel, the Attache of Cooperation in French Language - South zone, came to visit the event.  

Melting Pot is a celebration of acceptance and appreciation of different cultures and requires a different view and perspective altogether. It is an occasion to celebrate our roots, understand the philosophy of others and eventually to honor oneness! Unity in diversity!

christmas carnival 2021
18 December 2021, 12 pm

creating a

20 August 2021, 7 am

creating a

16 July 2021, 8 am

Forest learning is an integral part of the Waldorf-inspired curriculum at Chettinad Sarvalokaa International School, which believes that children should experience the natural rhythms of life and understand their relationship with all living things as they grow.  

In view of that, we started creating a forest with support of Chettinad Academy to facilitate rich learning experiences that will help children connect with Nature. As a part of the initiative, 2500 saplings with 150 - 200 varieties of trees were  planted in a land of 4.5 acres at Chettinad Health City, Kelambakkam.