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As an Educator, where do you see yourself five years from now?

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Ms. Sona Joe Ammattil – “Once a teacher, always a teacher”: so goes the adage!

You are a teacher because you are passionate about imparting knowledge to the little ones entrusted to your care. You teach because it means the world to you to see the children progressing in their learning. You teach because it’s absolutely gratifying and fascinating to see the holistic growth of the child.

In times of uncertainties like these, innovation and technology will definitely help us tide over the obstacles. Yes, as a teacher, I will need to keep up with the strides in technological advancements in the field of Education. To be future ready is the mantra. To be open to new ideas, methods and technologies that will bridge the gap in providing Education in conditions similar to the current times, few years from now. Keeping abreast with the changing times will help us rise to the occasion in the face of any crisis.

Ms. Nibeditha Baishya – In the current scenario, technology has come to our rescue. In the forthcoming years too, libraries will become more of a centre for digital learning. So, I would like to see myself with greater expertise in this area and educate people about information literacy for effective and efficient use of information. In the current rapidly changing environment, information literacy can be a survival skill enabling students to identify, locate, evaluate and use the required information effectively.

Ms. Karthiga Catinat – Five years down the line, I would like to be a teacher more aligned with the ethos of the school. I will work towards being more proactive and prepared to face an unexpected situation. I will try to equip and strengthen my teaching skills, so as to not only be flexible but also effective at the same time. I will be a mature individual able to look for possible solutions in times of crisis.

Mr. Sarvaj Kumar Jeyakumar – The last year brought a lot of experiences with it. I was able to learn a lot, in terms of International Education at Chettinad Sarvalokaa Education International School. When I look from the Physical Education perspective, it taught me that sports is not just about the rules of the game, but also about integrating them with curricular subjects like Math or Science to bring about holistic experience for the learners. The task of integrating concepts from core subjects with sports became easier for me as most of the learners at school like sports. For instance, the experience our learners had at Decathlon – the sports store, helped them understand about friction through the sports shoes available at the store. In the next five years, I would like to explore integration of sports and core subjects for the greater benefit of the learners.

Ms. Deepthi Sree – My passion for teaching allows me to spend time mentoring young minds as an educator and guide. My work helps me build environments that promote growth, self-reflection and learning. A young mind that is free of fear is one that is creative, compassionate, self-aware and happy. In five years, I hope to continue working in the capacity I am – by acquiring skills and techniques to help nurture and encourage my students grow and achieve their goals. Five years will provide ample time to be able to peruse my values and strategies that I wish to employ while teaching them. As an educator, I understand the importance of self-examination. My job is dynamic, no learner is the same, no mind the same and it’s up to a teacher to discover new ways to teach and kindle the fire of curiosity in the learner. An important aspect of teaching is, to learn as you teach. I have found to have cultivated meaningful relationships with my students who give me life lessons as I teach them. To watch my students face challenges and employ tools they have learnt at school in the classroom, motivates me to continue my work and further explore the learning mind.

In the next five years, I hope to have worked with many young learners, conducted and participated in workshops and sessions that train, facilitate and explore what it means to teach and empower the curious. The world is moving towards a space that delivers information fast – through technology, social media and the virtual space. With these advancements, our society has also seen quick access to a variety of information for children and youth, diminishing skills and character. While the world around us has placed virtues like patience and attitudes that pursue research in the back seat, as an educator, I recognize these values to be extremely important in building character and personality. I wish to contribute by helping learners understand the importance of introspection and self-reflection in their joyful learning journey.

Ms. Mahashweta – I see myself as a leader in Education, where I am promising, innovative, kind and committed! I see myself as a workshop leader/facilitator and a consultant in the field of teaching and learning. I see myself design creative curriculum where students have the freedom to grow and learn joyfully. I see myself change the face of Education, while working closely with learners across the globe, in different platforms. Lastly, I see myself grow, learn, laugh, adapt, create and enjoy the process.

Mr. ArunKumar R – As an educator and designer, with my experience in the field of Education, the change that impacted me the most is Integration of Arts with curriculum. I also had an opportunity to learn Flipped classroom learning, AI, Virtual Classroom Learning, Recycling and Upcycling. The next 5 years will be good times in terms of teaching, learning and sharing in the school domain, setting a benchmark for the other industries. I see myself growing with the school, its student and teacher fraternity.



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