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Time Management for Online Learning Environment

As the world seems to have ground to a halt during the pandemic, it has become necessary for students to continue their education through online learning. This new way of learning has posed several challenges to both students and teachers as it is a novel concept and has not been practiced extensively before. Key skills have to be acquired by both students and teachers to make the most out of the online classes.

Time Management is one such valuable skill that is the need of the hour. Effective time management not only helps with learning but can also help students to be more productive in their everyday lives as well.

As the student is in control of his learning and pace it is important to understand how to manage time well. It requires discipline and a real understanding about how to use time wisely throughout the day. While some have a natural tendency to organize their time effectively, others can be taught time management skills, the earlier the better.

Following are the three basic concepts of time management:

MOTIVATION - Set a goal that will push you towards better time management practices. Success and completion of your online learning can be strong motivators.

DEDICATION – You cannot train yourself in time management skills unless you are dedicated to it. You have to be dedicated enough to practice it constantly till it becomes second-nature to you.

PERSISTENCE - Be consistent in your use of time. It will take persistence to force yourself to use your time as you had planned.

Few tips for effective time management:

  • Plan ahead: Prepare a calendar to plan daily and weekly assignments.

  • Have a designated work space in your home for your online classes: While it may be tempting and even easier to work from your bed or dining table, it is important to set up a place with a comfortable chair and table with WiFi connection available.

  • Eliminate distractions: It is a good idea to switch off your mobile phones when you are in an online session. This will help you to focus and concentrate more on your learning.

  • Create a balance: It is important to create a balance between your online classes and your other personal obligations. If you are involved in other activities like sports or other online courses apart from your school sessions, be sure to prioritize your time that will enable you to focus on both.

  • Reward yourself: Reward yourself to celebrate your achievements by treating yourself with something that you really enjoy.

  • Get a good night’s sleep: When you include 7 to 8 hours of sleep in your schedule, it can reap huge benefits. Sleep is essential to rest the body and to keep the mind fresh for the next day.

Effective time management by students allows them to complete more in less time because their attention is focused and it allows students to make the most of their abilities and enjoy the satisfaction of accomplishment.


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